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Realcan Financial

Real Can Financial With extensive experience in the Canadian mortgage market and extensive knowledge, Real Can Financial specializes in commercial and residential mortgages. RCFL offers three types of loans: residential mortgages, commercial mortgages, and construction loans.

We offer numerous home financing options for various property types and borrowers. Our team of mortgage specialists are ready to assist with any type of mortgage, including first or second mortgages, as well as first and second mortgage refinances. Whether you are a first-time buyer or looking to move to a new home, a single or family, self-employed or new to Canada, we can assist. We work with major A lenders to private capital, we are proud to be able to offer a wide range of sources to financing the property purchase with many special programs from New to Canada, Self Employed, bad credit and more.


What We Offer for You

By using RCFL service, you only need to apply once, with only a single credit inquiry to your credit bureau. Our team specializes in finding the most suitable lender and mortgage type for your needs as well as negotiating the best mortgage rate and conditions on your behalf, even with your own financial institution.

Commercial Mortgage

For most investors, competitive financing is the biggest driver in achieving cash-on-cash yield as well as overall investment returns when acquiring income-producing properties.

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Applying for Commercial Real Estate Loans

Looking to expand your business, or just to stop paying rent every month? Commercial real estate loans can get you into a new position as a property owner.

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Borrowing Considerations

Before you begin shopping for a commercial real estate mortgage, you'll have to address several issues to make sure your business is the right candidate.

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Commercial Mortgages Buyer’s Guide

Is your business looking to purchase commercial property? Commercial mortgage lenders can provide the funding you need.

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Types of Commercial Mortgages

Lenders offer multiple types of commercial mortgages. Some are similar to residential mortgages, while others are exclusive to businesses.

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Guide to Commercial Mortgages

Before you begin your mortgage search, it’s crucial that you understand your monthly mortgage repayment budget and the potential growth of your business.

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Why Should You Choose Us ?

Looking to buy a house, want to start your business, or have received an accepted offer and need mortgage advice? We are here to help. Our university advisors will give you the right mortgage advice because they know the city better than anyone. Book an early, non-binding telephone consultation with one of our mortgage advisors now.

Would you like to know what options you have on the housing market and what you need to consider? Then contact us now to arrange a no-mortgage consulting appointment. Our mortgage advisors will quickly help you enjoy your beautiful new home/shop.   

Term financing is a long-term loan that works similarly to long-term or long-term equity financing. This type of loan is mainly used to purchase fixed assets such as plant and machinery. This type of long-term financing is best for businesses that may not be able to pay off the principal immediately. In long-term debt financing, a third party borrows money from a borrower to enable them to purchase certain assets or fund certain projects. In exchange for the funds offered, the borrower must place the company’s assets online. You can trust upon us for Permanent Financing. 

A home loan is a loan taken against a mortgage on a property that you want to build or upgrade. For example, if you are planning to expand the area of ​​your house and add one more floor to the existing plot; You can finance the construction of a house by taking out a construction loan. get the Construction Loan at the best interest rates with us. 

A Joint Venture Equity Partnership involves two or more companies combining their resources and expertise to achieve a specific goal. The risks and benefits of the company are also shared. The reasons for establishing a joint venture are to expand the business, develop new products or enter new markets, especially overseas. Your business can have strong growth potential and you can have innovative ideas and products.


Commercial Real Estate Properties

I am working with different lenders may it be institutional or private so that I can get you the mortgage that is comfortable with any commercial property. Below are the properties that I can cater for mortgage


What People Say About Us

We have continued to be innovators for our industry, with an entrepreneurial culture that is never satisfied with the status quo, for ourselves or for our clients.

Zack was very helpful in securing a multifamily property for me. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable, he was also very professional in closing the deal. His services will definitely be recommended to anyone.

With Zack's help, I was able to obtain a mortgage on industrial property. His knowledge made me feel comfortable and he provided every answer to my questions. He is definitely someone I would recommend to friends and other business associates. I look forward to doing more business with Zack in the future.

The customer service I received from Zack was excellent. I received an excellent rate, and the transaction went smoothly.

I have no hesitation in recommending Zack to anyone who requires a specialist who will listen to your mortgage needs and work hard to get the best possible rate for you.

Zack and I have collaborated on a few Commercial Financing requests with my clients. His knowledge of the industry is impressive, and he has a number of contacts. I am extremely pleased with the care he has given my clients. A reputable Commercial Mortgage Broker who is upfront and honest is what you are looking for.